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Life is a lot like Jazz


The Perth International Jazz Festival (PIJF), a not for profit incorporated association, is nationally and internationally acclaimed as one of Australia’s best Jazz festivals. It aims to promote jazz to the wider community; facilitate and support the performance of live jazz music; and foster and develop cultural awareness and experience within Western Australia through jazz music.

The PIJF delivers the highest quality jazz program showcasing a wide range of popular and innovative artists from around the globe, with a specific focus on education and community engagement.


Working with AVID, Twine was commissioned to provide a comprehensive suite of services to help deliver the Perth International Jazz Festival.



  • Format: Festival

  • Locations:

    • Perth Cultural Centre

    • Brookfield Place

    • Cathedral Square

    • Northbridge Piazza

    • St George's Cathedral

    • The Ellington Jazz Club

  • Duration: 3 days

  • Free and ticketed entertainment and activities

Scope / Features:

  • Sponsorship acquisition and servicing

  • Event management (including event operations and logstics planning, stage and technical support, site plans, food and bar offerings)

  • Marketing, communications and media

  • Artist management and servicing

  • Ticketing

  • Volunteers management (including transport and scheduling)

  • Pop Up activation and activities

  • Community engagement

  • Post-event reporting


  • 15,000 people

  • 170 artists



Photography | Courtesy of PIJF

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