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Amelia - Plait (Printed & Framed)

Amelia - Plait (Printed & Framed)

SKU: MONT-AmeliaPlait-021F-Wh

This diptych is a poetic enquiry into the fragility and impermanence of the human psyche and the beauty of being. There is a clear delineation between the artist’s own imagery, words and a found vintage texture. It creates a conversation exploring the perceived separation and duality of the seen and thought, the witness and the witnessing, and both esoteric and exoteric aesthetics.


The work can be viewed as a portal into the person photographed yet on another level, it also represents the artist. It invites interaction from the viewer to write their own narrative through personal experience—both trauma and triumph.


This portrait of Amelia has been combined with a still life of a flower. All Brett’s images are made with natural light and a portable background.



This image was created with the consent of the subject’s parents and subject featured in it.


For more info:

Please refer to printed Artist Statement.

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