Our values.

We'd like to illustrate our company values. They are at the heart of everything we do and are the foundation

upon which Twine operates every day.

We are

  • For us, trust is the most critical component in creating commitment towards a common goal—we want all those we deal with to have confidence in us.

  • We treat people with respect and empathy.

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We work as

  • We aspire to work with our clients as long term partners.

  • We earn and reciprocate trust.

  • We seek to work together with our clients, stakeholders and suppliers to achieve positive outcomes.

We think it

  • We assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision.

  • We think outside the square and dare to be different.

  • We are constantly improving.

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We are

  • We are hardworking.

  • We are committed to delivering value.

  • We give our clients what they've come to expect from us—more!